Job Search

  • Try Small Businesses

    One way to get closer to securing a great part-time job is to apply with small businesses in your area. Small companies may need more part-time workers than larger corporations. A small business is also more likely to have an involved owner. Over time, you may even be able to move up within the company and eventually work in a full-time position if you want.

  • Education Job Opportunities

    There are also lots of part-time opportunities in the education field. Students today need caring and capable adults to help them succeed. Preschool education has positions for people who already have a busy schedule. One option is to consider becoming a Montessori teacher. You can sign up for the training classes to get certified and approach a local school when you’re ready to start a new job.

  • Temp Agency Jobs

    Another place to find quality part-time work is with a temporary employment agency. Temp agencies work with applicants and help them secure different short-term assignments. There are temp agencies in many different fields with work in offices and retail. In most cases, you don’t have to spend time applying to each position within the temp agency. The agency administrators work to match employers with qualified candidates.

If you still can’t get a job offer, look to your social network of friends and family members. Talk to people and tell them you’re looking for work. Once you tell everyone what you’re looking for, you’ll most likely get a few leads for a great job. A part-time job that’s perfect for you is within your reach as long as you put some effort into your search.